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Email Templates and Email Designs

Choose from over 1,500 Email templates and email designs. Explore items created by our global community of independent designers and developers, confident they're hand-reviewed by us.

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Winky face emojis in your subject lines not getting the open rate you wanted? We aren't surprised. Don't fret, we have a huge range of email templates that will get you noticed for the right reasons.

These templates allow for easy customization and come with an amazing number of options so you can really mix it up style-wise. Not looking to do anything fancy? That's fine too; the "out of the box" templates are beautiful and require no tinkering.

Our email templates take care of everything for you, so the most difficult thing you'l have to do is hit "send".

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For emails that people will want to open

If you're sending an everyday email to your friends or family, you just type a few lines, hit send, and you're done. But if you want to create a good impression with potential clients or followers, professionally designed email templates can be a great way to ensure your email has the impact you want it to have.

Here's a quick rundown of the Email templates available in our collection (over a thousand assets!), followed by some tips on composing, formatting and sending effective emails. Remember: one thing that all these templates have in common is quality. They have all been created by talented professionals, and hand-reviewed one by one by our team before going on sale.

So what's the collection like?

What sort of email do you want to write? Here are a few ideas on the kind of templates you may want to look for according to your needs.

  • Newsletters. Quite obviously, this is by far the biggest category and the most popular type of email template. Newsletters are a versatile way to stay in touch with your customers or fans on a regular basis. You can use them to provide updates, give advice or training, launch products and more. Don't forget that your users don't need to be overwhelmed with messages on a daily basis (just like you!) so use this tool wisely.
  • Catalogs.Sometimes you just want to cut to the chase and make some sales. If that's the case, the email catalog templates are a great way to showcase your products so that they look enticing and simply demand to be clicked on. You can choose a general template that will work for pretty much any type of product and market, or you can pick email templates that have been designed for a specific industry.
  • Email stationery. If you want to send professional-looking letters through the mail, you invest in the best stationery. Right? Well, the same rule applies with email. These stationery templates are versatile, letting you easily customize them with your own branding and content, safe in the knowledge that they'll look great across a wide range of devices and email software.

Plus, our collection is varied and caters to plenty of different needs. For example, you can find templates for a particular email management product like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, or you can search for a specific feature or style-like responsive, modern or minimal templates just to name a few.

After you've found your template: things to keep in mind

The templates here are ready for you to write up and send, so you won't have to worry too much about the design. But if you do want to do a lot of customization-you can! Along with being ready to be used out-of-the-box, they are also fully customisable. How much you want to customise-it's entirely up to you.

What about the technical details? How much do you need to know about HTML and design to use these email templates? Well, when it comes to the technical side of things like code and browser/platform/screen compatibility, the templates take care of it for you. But if the customisation you need to do is particularly unique, some HTML skills will be required.

Finally, remember that the template helps you a great deal when it comes to presenting your content well and making it more enticing to your audience, but if you don't organise and write your content well-there's only so much email templates can do! So make sure you know how to write content that people will actually want to read, watch your grammar and spelling, and be sure to know your audience.